Welcome to Sopheme

Sopheme’s Story

Has this ever happened to you?  You pop out of bed and get caught off guard (running out to get the paper, letting the dog out, bumping into our in-laws or our children’s friends) dressed (or not dressed) in clothing you never intended others to see you in.  It has certainly happened to me.  Some time ago, I was thinking about this problem, and why it is that the clothes we find the most comfortable make us feel the least attractive.  I examined my own sleepwear attire (t-shirt and sweats) and thought, there has to be something better.  So I went searching for sleepwear that would allow me to sleep comfortably and also to lounge around the house and be seen by others.  To my dismay, I found nothing suitable. I found lots of frumpy, old fashioned, unsupportive garments and lots of garments that I call “sexwear”.  So, I decided to take matters into my own hands.  Many months later, Sopheme (pronounced SOFEEM) was born.

Our Mission

Sopheme seeks to change the way women think about sleepwear and loungewear. With Sopheme, women will now be able to sleep and lounge comfortably in the same garment.  Over will be the days when we are half dressing in order to answer the front door, grab the paper, walk the dog or interact with others in the household. Sopheme will provide classy, comfortable, and innovative products that empower women.  Unlike existing sleepwear garments, Sopheme products will not only serve a utilitarian purpose, but will also be accessible, fashionable and flattering to any figure.

Even though most of the clothing sold in the United States is sewn abroad (allowing for high profit margins), we at Sopheme seek to do our part to aid in the U.S. economic recovery and will be making our products here at home.

The Name Sopheme – The Goddess Within

Contained within the name Sopheme is the name Pheme. Pheme was a Greek goddess, and was the personification of fame and renown.  It was said that she had 10,000 windows in her house so that she could see all that was going on around her.Virgil wrote that Pheme “had her feet on the ground, and her head in the clouds, making the small seem great and the great seem greater.”  It takes a lot of mental strength and fortitude to be a woman.  We live our days with our feet planted on the ground, caring for our families and dedicating ourselves to our professions.  It is only fitting that every woman should feel like a goddess in her home.

Sopheme is also named after my beloved dog Shimi and my fun-loving niece Sophie.

They both brighten every one of my days.

sophie and shimi

Current stage

Sopheme is in the product development stage.  We have prototypes and are excited to see all of the contest submissions.  As anxious as we are to bring Sopheme to market, be assured, this process will not be rushed.  We seek to improve women’s lives with Sopheme sleepwear and loungewear and will not come to market until we are confident we have achieved this goal.

We Want Your Feedback

We want this company to actually give women what they want. So, if you have any suggestions (such as fabric or construction ideas), please pass them along. You can either contact us through the Sopheme website or email me directly at miriam@sopheme.com.


miriam pic

Miriam Volchenboum

Founder, Sopheme



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